Procuradores Alcoy, Ibi
Procuradores de los Tribunales


Pje. Rigoberto Albors, 1, 2º
03801 ALCOY (Alicante)
Tels. 965 542 011 / 965 549 509
Fax 965 541 138

Localización Despacho

Lunes a viernes
8h. a 14h. y de 16h. a 20´30h.


José Blasco Pla. The Head of the Company. Bachelor Degree in Laws, University of Valencia.
Counts on collaboration with two empowered officials.

Office founded: 1969.

Judicial Districts: Alcoy and Ibi.

Services: Juridical-procedural and extra procedural representation. Consulting in all type of management in courts of judicial districts. Exhorts, official letters, writs, certificates…etc. Notification and continuous information about the state of things.

Acreditada por Thesauro