Medicina y Cirugia Cosmetica Vizcaya
Medicina y Cirugia Cosmetica
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C/ Gordoniz, 9 (Clínica Indautxu)
48011 Bilbao (Vizcaya)
Tel. 946 941 350
Móvil. 629 438 337

Lunes a jueves de 9:30h.a 19h.
Vviernes de 9:30h. a 16h.

The staff representing great potential of Clínica Berrire, Medical Centre Dr. Berrire, started in the year of 1981, always pursuing training and updating of professionalism of its members in all the diagnoses, aesthetic treatment and youth perseverance that can be realized in the above mentioned clinic.

Dr. José Ramón Berrire Ortiz. Degree in Medicine and Surgery.

Services: Face surgery. Thorax surgery. Abdomen surgery. Extremities surgery. Minor surgery. Dietetics.

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