Procuradores Oviedo

Procuradora de los Tribunales de Oviedo


Myriam Suárez Granda. Law degree, Oviedo University.
Languages: Spanish, French and English.

Office founded in 1990.

Judicial district: Oviedo.

Services: Legal and procedural representation in the courts of the judicial district of Oviedo. Exhorts, writs, official letters. Control of deadlines in all matters. Control of recoveries, auctions, belongings, seizures. Management and enquiries in property, commerce, civil and traffic registers. Management in public administrations. Publication of edicts and official announcements in BOE, BOP and the press. Punctual information on files, expirations, deadlines, etc.

Fray Ceferino, 7, 6º
33001 OVIEDO (Asturias)
Tel. 985 203 181
Fax 985 203 175
Móvil 636 227 352

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